Boilers Not Working -Boiler not igniting

Boilers Not Working -Boiler not igniting -5 Things To Check Before Calling Your Gas Safe Engineer

Before you call your gas engineer to repair your broken boiler - check these 5 common boiler faults first!


(If you live in London & Essex or Herts, we repair boilers from £45 & provide servicing from £70 (ex VAT).


  1. Boiler Power Supply

First check the power supply to your central heating is on. Sounds silly?  This happens a lot and because customers panic about their heating problems it gets missed. Maybe it’s a fuse or the main circuit breaker board has tripped and just needs resetting.


  1. Reset Button

Most boilers have safety devices built in, so if these are tripped a simple reset may get your whole system working. The reset button is normally on the front of the boiler. Sometimes it's a dial that needs resetting to zero and turned back on.


  1. Heating Controls

The problem with central heating programmers, timers or room thermostats is that customers often find these very complicated, so check your instructions and make sure that they're all set for operation. Some controls send signals remotely and can stop working, so check these too.


  1. Gas supply

Gas supply can cause lots of central heating or boiler breakdowns, especially if you have a payment meter with a card. if you run out of credit, the gas will be switched off. So top-up the credit and re-insert the card. Also, press the gas meter reset button in order to re-establish gas supply to your boiler.


  1. Pressure

System pressure in boilers can run low, causing the boiler to stop working and is especially common with combi gas boilers. There is a pressure gauge or dial with 1-4 bars showing. Your system pressure should be at 1 bar when the system is cold.

 If it's lower than 1 bar, most sealed systems won't function due to boiler safety devices.

 The 'filling' loop lets you fill the system (called 'charging') with more water. If your system pressure is low and you are not confident in correcting this issue, let us know and we'll get a gas safe engineers to attend your property to service your boiler.


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If you've carried out all these checks and your central heating still isn't working, EPC Plus certification would be delighted to help you. We'll first carry out a boiler system diagnosis and give you a quotation to carry out a boiler repair. A member of staff will talk you through your options, tailored to your individual needs.


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